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The Baeksang Winners: BEST SCREENPLAY

The BEST SCREENPLAY award is given to the drama that has shown excellence in the usual fields of screenwriting: convincing characterization, a compelling plot (or a strong suspension of disbelief that works), a solid structure, interesting dialogue, and a successfully-built immersive world.

Plus points are awarded when a drama goes beyond the usual genre stakes and proves its ambition.

Read about this award and the Baeksangs in our primer here.

The complete nominee list for the 2023 Baeksangs is also here.

Park Hae-young wins for her examination of adult crises in her slice-of-life drama,

It also made our BEST-OF list.

Read our spotlight piece on When the Camellia Blooms here.

It's also one of Gong Hyo-jin's best dramas.

Kang Ha-neul won the Best Actor trophy for his role here.

It's one of the most notable small-town k-dramas.

IU made our Fave K-drama Females List for her role in this drama.

Clunky ending notwithstanding, it's still one of the


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