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  1. From the Korean words gwenchana 괜찮아 (“I’m OK” or “it’s OK”) and noona 누나 (older sister).

  2. Refers to women of different tastes and from various backgrounds who are avid Korean pop culture consumers.

  3. A blog that aims to help others navigate the rich world of Korean pop culture, ensuring that no one wastes their precious hours.

We are fun, fierce and fabulous Filipinas scattered across different parts of the globe who were brought together by hallyu. Since getting over the barrier of one-inch subtitles years ago, we've collectively watched almost 500 k-dramas and hundreds of Korean films, gaining not just top-notch entertainment but a greater appreciation for our own Asian-ness at the same time.

We also dabble in other Asian films and dramas—Japanese, Thai, Chinese, Taiwanese, and of course Filipino—because the rich diversity of Asian pop culture offers such a rewarding alternative to the Hollywood fare we grew up with.