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"Star Wars" Series Lands "Squid Game" Star Lee Jung-jae as Its Lead

Updated: Sep 10, 2022

ries Lands "Squid Game" Star Lee Jung-jae

Squid Game star Lee Jung-jae has just landed his first major Hollywood role!

Lee has just been cast as the main lead of the new Disney+ Star Wars series The Acolyte, to be produced by Lucasfilm. Although already a longtime star in Korea, Lee's casting in The Acolyte will mark his second significant role in a series poised to be received by a huge global audience. Details about Lee's character are currently under wraps.

This A-list ensemble also includes Jodie Turner-Smith, the British star of Queen and Slim and Without Remorse, as well as Amandla Stenberg of The Hate You Give and Dear Evan Hansen. Leslye Healand, the co-creator of Russian Doll, is show-running the series.

The show is said to be set a century before the events of Star Wars: Episode I — The Phantom Menace, which means it takes place earlier than any other live-action Star Wars title. According to Variety, the series "promises to depict the galaxy at the peak of the era of the High Republic, when the Jedi were at their strongest and the Sith were believed to have been eradicated from the galaxy."

On September 12, Lee and the cast of Squid Game will be attending the Primetime Emmys. They have made TV history as the first non-English language series ever to be up for its major awards, including Most Outstanding Drama.

Since Squid Game, Lee has starred in the espionage flick Hunt with fellow Korean superstar Jung Woo-sung. He is also set to reprise his role as a killer in the sequel to the action flick Deliver Us from Evil.

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