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New k-dramas premiering in April 2024

Spring comes with a fresh slate of k-dramas to entertain us, from sci-fi thrillers that explore the human psyche in the face of apocalypse, to time-traveling romantic journeys. This month's lineup promises another dizzying mix of genres, ready to take us on a rollercoaster of emotions and adventures.


 April 5: Parasyte: The Grey

If you’re a fan of Train to Busan and Hellbound, then this latest series from the same director, Yeon Sang-ho, is for you. This adaptation of the popular manga Parasyte by Hitoshi Iwaaki follows individuals in South Korea dealing with a parasitic plague. Jung Soo-in (Jeon So-nee, Our Blooming Youth) becomes infected with a parasite that does not take over her brain, leading her to a precarious coexistence with the creature. The series, consisting of six episodes, promises a blend of action, horror, and sci-fi elements.

Where to watch: Netflix​


April 8: Lovely Runner

This 16-episode fantasy romance drama is based on Kim Bbang’s web novel, The Best of Tomorrow. It stars Kim Hye-yoon (Secret Royal Inspector & Joy) as Im Sol, a woman who travels back in time to 2008 to meet her idol, Ryu Sun-jae, played by Byeon Woo-seok (Strong Girl Nam-Soon), at 19 years old. Im Sol aims to change the course of events leading to Sun-Jae's tragic death, finding love along the way.  

Where to watch: tvN and Vidio​  


April 10: Blood Free

Set in a future where consuming natural animal meat is forbidden, this sci-fi series revolves around a biotechnology company that dominates the artificial meat market. Starring Han Hyo-joo (Moving) as Yoon Ja-yoo, the CEO of the company, and Ju Ji-hoon (Jirisan) as Woo Chae-woon, a former soldier turned bodyguard, this thriller delves into the ethics of biotech advancements and corporate intentions over 10 episodes.

Where to watch: Disney+​


April 13: Missing Crown Prince

What happens when the crown prince of Joseon (EXO’s Suho, Behind Your Touch) is kidnapped by the woman he is supposed to marry? A comedic series of adventures ensues, transforming their initial animosity into romance. This 20-episode show, also known as The Crown Prince has Disappeared, promises a mix of action, romance, and historical intrigue.

Where to watch: MBN and Viki


April 19: Chief Detective 1958

Lee Je-hoon (Taxi Driver) is out to bust the bad guys again, this time in a crime-thriller set in 1958 Seoul. The drama is a prequel to a classic series that ran in the 1970s and 1980s in South Korea, Chief Inspector, and will see Lee Je-hoon play the younger version of the legendary TV character. Known for featuring unconventional methods to bring the corrupt to justice, the series promises a blend of action, drama, and mystery over 10 episodes.

Where to watch: Disney+​  

April 26: Goodbye Earth

This Netflix original series dives into an apocalyptic narrative with an asteroid on a collision course with Earth, threatening to obliterate the planet in 200 days. This 12-episode series, based on the novel Shumatsu no Furu by Kotaro Isaka, delves deep into the psychological turmoil and existential dilemmas faced by its characters as they confront the end of the world. Starring Yoo Ah-in (Hellbound) and Ahn Eun-jin (Hospital Playlist), this show will explore the resilience of the human spirit in the face of ultimate despair.

Where to watch: Netflix​


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