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The Baeksang Winners: BEST ACTRESS

The Baeksang Arts Award for Best Actress – Television (백상예술대상 TV부문 여자 최우수 연기상) is an award presented annually at the Baeksang Arts awards.

Song Hye-kyo wins for her dramatic turn as a vengeful teacher in The Glory.

Need more dramas like Twenty-five, Twenty-one? We got recos.

The females in this drama also make it to our 2022 best-of list.

The Penthouse is a makjang drama. What is it?

Read about Kim So-yeon here.

Kim Hee-ae has won a staggering FOUR Baeksang Awards for her roles.

Read our review of her latest performance in Queenmaker.

SKY Castle is another k-drama makjang. Need more crazy makjang recos?

Misty is one of our favorite female-led k-dramas. See why.

Kim Nam-joo also has 2 Baeksang wins to her name.

Seo Hyun-jin also stars as a lawyer with a vendetta in Why Her?

Kim Hye-soo also plays the lead in the Baeksang Best Drama winner,

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