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New k-dramas to watch in February 2024

February's list is short and sweet but no less exciting than previous months. Whether you're in the mood for fantasies or romantic comedies, or revenge thrillers and serial killers, this month has something for you.


Feb. 5: Branding in Seongsu

What happens when a cold-blooded marketing leader and a sunshine intern swap souls after a kiss? We’ll find out in this eight-episode fantasy rom-com led by Park Solomon (All of Us Are Dead) and Kim Ji-eun (One Dollar Lawyer), which also features a thrilling action mystery.  

Feb. 9: A Killer Paradox  

Our beloved Choi Woo-shik (Our Beloved Summer) is an unassuming college student in this Netflix original, who will see his life flipped upside down after he takes down a serial killer with a hammer blow. The incident reveals a mysterious power to identify bad people, and he transforms into a vigilante. Son Suk-ku (My Liberation Notes) stars as the detective chasing him over this thriller’s eight episodes.

Where to watch: Netflix

Feb. 26: Wedding Impossible

Get ready for a riot with "Wedding Impossible," where the worlds of a struggling actress and a gay conglomerate heir collide in a sham marriage. Their conflicting objectives entangle with the scheming of a disapproving brother, however. Jeon Jong-seo (Money Heist: Korea - Joint Economic Area), Moon Sang-min (Under the Queen’s Umbrella), and Kim Do-wan (Start-up) bring this romantic comedy to life over 12 episodes, exploring the lengths one will go to for love and acceptance.

Feb. 28: The Impossible Heir

Set against the backdrop of Korea's most formidable chaebol, The Impossible Heir, also known as Royal Loader, is a tale of an illegitimate heir vying for supremacy within a corporate empire. At the heart of this power struggle is ambitious and cold-hearted Han Tae-o (Lee Jae-wook, Alchemy of Souls). Lee Jun-young (Weak Hero Class 2) and Hong Su-zu (Sweet Home 2) star as the underdogs in this revenge drama.

Where to watch: Disney+ 

February 29: Pyramid Game

Upon transferring to Baekyeon Girls' High School, Sung Soo-ji, played by Bona (Twenty Five, Twenty One), quickly becomes entangled in the Pyramid Game, a cruel popularity contest that leaves her as a target for bullying after receiving no votes. Isolated and tormented, she finds herself at the mercy of her classmates. She embarks on a quest to overturn this merciless game and challenge the school's oppressive social order.

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