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Who's in "Money Heist Korea: Joint Economic Area?"

Updated: Jul 1, 2022

Money Heist, also known as La Casa de Papel, was the Spanish show that gripped global audiences back in 2017. It was the most-followed Netflix series for six weeks, as people tuned in to watch the beloved band of burglars attempt to steal millions from the Royal Mint of Spain. Five seasons later, the show pulled off two grand heists, garnered a huge online following, and birthed a devoted fanbase. Bella Ciao!

On June 24, K-dramaland attempts their own heist. In Money Heist: Joint Economic Area, a band of burglars will attempt to rob billions before a negotiation specialist and a former North Korean agent get the money first. Interestingly enough, the show is set in a fictional "reunified" Korea, so we're sure that's going to complicate things even further.

While we don't know yet if the Korean version will be a standalone where the cast will simply use the same code names, or if it will be an adaptation of the original Spanish heist (in which case, the stars will have to reinterpret the original characters in their own way), we are definitely interested in the star-studded lineup this show has assembled.

So which Korean stars are taking on the famous country names and roles? We've jotted it all down for you.

Yoo Ji-tae as The Professor

The Professor is the genius mastermind who has thoroughly planned the heist. But can he risk his own skin for his loyal followers like they do for him? Yoo Ji-tae plays the brilliant Professor, and he is no stranger to master-strategist roles such as these. After all, he debuted as the penultimate villain in the notorious Old Boy (2003), and is known for taking on sly roles in The Good Wife (2016), Mad Dog (2017), and The Swindlers (2017).

Park Hae-soo as Berlin

Berlin is probably one of the most difficult roles to pull off, largely because the original psychopath was played so brilliantly by Pedro Alonso. So popular was Berlin that he is the only character who has been rumored to have a solo spinoff. Will Park Hae-soo transform into a psychopath as well? We know that he has more than enough gravitas and talent to pull it off -- after all, he was the Machiavellian player Cho Sang-woo in Squid Game (2021).

Kim Yun-jin as Seon Woojin/Raquel Murillo

Kim Yun-jin plays Seon Woojin, the counterpart of the Spanish original’s investigator Raquel Murillo. The Korean-American actress shot to fame in the longstanding American series, Lost (2004). She's then worked in a number of Korean films such as Shiri (1999) and House of the Disappeared (2017).

Jeon Jong-seo as Tokyo

Tokyo is the dedicated but unwieldy soldier, and who better play her in the Korean version than Hallyu bad girl herself, Jeon Jong-seo. Handpicked by legendary director Lee Chang-dong, Jeon debuted as a reckless nomad in the Cannes favorite Burning (2018). She then went on to give an unhinged performance in The Call (2020). Given how she comfortable she is with unpredictable roles, we know she's going to slay it as Tokyo.

Kim Ji-hoon as Denver

Denver is the lovable but reckless son of Moscow. Kim Ji-hoon, popularly known as the "hot boy from Flower of Evil," steps into the role of the erstwhile son and (we hope) lover. Those looks and that charm will certainly be put to good use during a heist.

Lee Won-jong as Moscow

As a big name in Korean cinema, Lee Won-jong certainly has the steady presence to play everyone's favorite dad, Moscow.

Jang Yoon-ju as Nairobi

Jang burst into the movie scene by playing a supporting role in the wildly successful crime-comedy Veteran (2015). Since then, she's been the mainstay host and judge of Korea's Next Top Model."

Lee Hyun-woo as Rio

Everyone's favorite baby boy in the original show, Rio was the pure-hearted computer genius-turned-burglar. Will the Rio in the Korean version remain the good boy, or will former child actor Lee put his own spin on the beloved "maknae"?

Kim Ji-hoon as Helsinki

Kim usually works in supporting roles, the last being part of the squad in The Good Detective (2020).

Lee Kyu-ho as Oslo

Another actor who works in supporting roles, you've probably seen him in Dr. Romantic 1 & 2 (2016, 2020), Hot Stove League (2019), and The Uncanny Counter (2020).

Lim Ji-Yeon

As a new character, nothing is yet known about "Seoul" except that she will be played by ingenue Lim Ji-yeon, who is known for her risque debut in Obsessed (2014). Since then, she's starred in "The Rose Mansion (2022), and is rumored to be part of the next Song Hye-kyo project, The Glory.

Who do you think will be your favorite character in this version?

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