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Han So-hee (한소희)

“It girl” Han So-hee could easily coast on her stunning looks by sticking to easy romance dramas and taking on glamorous brand endorsements. Instead, this back-to-back Baeksang nominee is determined to push herself to her limits, proving that she is much more than just another pretty face.

GwenchaNoona | Actor's Profile: Han So-hee

Photo from Naver/Dispatch

Birthday: November 18, 1994

Instagram: @xeesoxee

Han So-hee made her acting debut at the age of 23 in the 2017 high school drama Into the World Again. After playing supporting roles in Money Flower (2017), Abyss (2018), and 100 Days My Prince (2019), her fame skyrocketed with her performance as spoiled mistress Yeo Da-kyoung in 2020’s The World of the Married. Working alongside the legendary Kim Hee-ae in the highest-rated cable drama in Korean history inspired the rising actress to seek out projects with strong female lead characters.

Whether art student Yoo Na-bi in 2021’s Nevertheless counts as a strong female lead is up for debate, but there’s no denying that she’s on the right track with the the action-packed noir Netflix series My Name. Her role as the vengeful Yoon Ji-Woo/Oh Hye-Jin, which required several months of martial arts training, allowed her to show off her talent and range, and earned her her second Baeksang acting nomination in 2022.

To balance things out, she then starred in the short Disney+ rom-com Soundtrack #1 with Park Hyung-sik. This breakout star has worked so hard that she’s had to overcome severe fatigue and physical injury, but those setbacks have never been enough to stop her. Han So-hee is currently filming the period thriller series Gyeongseong Creature with Park Seo-joon. Set in 1945, the drama will air on Netflix in 2023.

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