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Song Seung-heon (송승헌)

song seung-heon, kdrama

They say a happy home is a parent’s best gift to their child. That may be true, but a good genetic pool has to come a close second. In interviews, actor Song Seung-heon sometimes comments that he’s not the best-looking member of his family. After seeing the photos of his father and mother that he proudly posts on his social media accounts, his fans often teasingly agree.

Unsurprisingly, Song Seung-heon’s finely chiseled features and tall, lean frame got him an offer for a modeling stint. It was something the then 19-year-old was not serious about. At the urging of friends, he eventually decided to try it out and found himself in the final round of auditions with the likes of So Ji-sub and Won Bin. (Talk about stiff competition!) He debuted as a model in 1995 and an actor in 1996. By 1999, he had starred in his first film “Calla.”

In late 2000, Song, along with Song Hye-Kyo and Won Bin, starred in “Autumn in My Heart,” a melodrama that was ratings gold in Korea and catapulted its stars into pan-Asia superstardom and launched the “Korean wave” in many countries. Although he received many advertising deals across Asia after the show, several of his film projects did poorly at the box office. That and a scandal involving him trying to evade military duty set him back on his superstardom trajectory. But just like how a few years’ time gap in a K-drama series magically heals all wounds, Song Seung-heon’s hiatus, and low profile helped him regain his footing in the public’s good graces.

After two decades in the business, Song shows no signs of slowing down (or getting older). This can only mean that we K-drama fans will enjoy his work for many years to come.

Autumn in My Heart (2000)

song seung-heon, kdrama, song hye kyo, autumn in my heart

Autumn in My Heart (aka "Autumn Tale," 2000) is the first installment of the Endless Love tetralogy series directed by Yoon Seok-ho. The show follows the intertwined lives of twins who were switched at birth due to a hospital mistake. The tear-jerking melodrama revolves around two young girls, Yoon Eun-seo and Yoon Joon-seo, who were switched at birth due to a hospital error. A humble single mother raises Yoon Eun-seo (Song Hye-Kyo) while Yoon Joon-seo (Moon Geun-young) grows up in a wealthy and loving family. As they grow older, fate brings the two families together when Yoon Eun-seo's mother discovers the truth about the switch. The girls are torn between the lives they've known and the families they should rightfully belong to.

The central love story emerges as Yoon Eun-seo falls in love with Choi Yoon (Song Seung-heon), her childhood friend who becomes a successful doctor. However, Choi Yoon is drawn to Yoon Joon-seo, unaware of their switched identities. Thus the complicated love triangle between Yoon Eun-seo, Choi Yoon, and Yoon Joon-seo. To add more drama, Yoon Eun-seo is diagnosed with a terminal illness, further complicating the characters' emotional struggles. "Autumn in My Heart" was a significant hit both in South Korea and internationally, contributing to the Hallyu wave and increasing the global popularity of Korean dramas. The drama's success paved the way for the subsequent installments in the Endless Love series, each with its own unique storyline and characters.

East of Eden (2008)

song seung-heon, kdrama, east of eden

East of Eden is a melodrama whose plot spans several decades. It revolves around two brothers, Lee Dong-Chul (Song Seung-Heon) and Lee Dong-Wook (Yeon Jung-hoon), who were separated in childhood. Dong-chul is left behind in the United States while Dong-wook is taken to South Korea and raised by a powerful and wealthy family. As they grow older, the brothers find themselves on opposite sides of the law, with Dong-chul becoming involved in organized crime and Dong-wook working as a prosecutor. Their paths cross again as they both vie for the love and attention of Song Mi-ryung (Lee Da-hae), a talented and ambitious singer. As the story unfolds, the brothers fall into conflicts between loyalty and ambition and the repercussions of their past actions. East of Eden also features an extensive ensemble cast alongside the central characters, each contributing to the intricate web of intertwining storylines.

Obsessed (2014)

song seung-heon, kdrama, obssessed

In 2014, Song starred in his first R-rated erotic film, "Obsessed," alongside The Glory's Lim Ji-Yeon. In the movie, he plays the role of war hero Colonel Kim Jin-pyong, who is plagued by nightmares and PTSD. His path crosses with his captain's wife, Ga-heun (Lim), and they both engage in a torrid affair. Kim becomes increasingly obsessed with Ga-heun, and his love soon becomes tainted by rage and jealousy. Rumors circulate, threatening Kim's military career and Ga-heun's reputation. Will the colonel regain control of his emotions before it's too late, or will his obsession lead to the downfall of himself and those around him?

Black (2017)

song seung-heon, kdrama, black

Death has never looked so good. Han Moo-Gang (Song Seung-hoon) is the newest member of the Regional Crime Unit with the mission of solving a cold case from two decades ago. However, he dies unexpectedly, only to be possessed by No.444, a messenger of hell and a grim reaper of sorts. Now known as "Black," he then encounters Kang Ha-ram (portrayed by Go Ara), a woman who can foresee death. Ha-ram wants to save people from the death she can foresee, but Black has his own thoughts and ways. Will they ever get along?

Voice (Season 4, 2021)

song seung-heon, kdrama, voice

The Golden Time team is back for a fourth season. In this thrilling series, Detective Derek Jo (Song Seung-heon), a team leader from the Los Angeles Police Department, is tasked to catch a serial killer with hearing ability that may supersede that of voice criminal profiler Kang Kwon-Joo (show mainstay lead Lee Ha-na).

Black Knight (2023)

Netflix's “Black Knight” depicts a dystopian world where everything has become a giant dustbowl and clean air has become an extremely rare resource. The deliveryman 5-8 (played by Kim Woo-bin) works during the daytime to deliver oxygen to the survivors. However, at night, he transforms into the Black Knight, a vigilante who aims to confront Ryu Seok (played by Song Seung-heon), a greedy and heartless figure from the all-powerful Cheonmyeong Group with a nefarious plan for humanity.

The Player 2: Master of Swindlers (2024)

song seung-heon, kdrama

Six years after captivating audiences with The Player, Kang Ha-ri (Song Seung-heon) and his scammy crew return in The Player 2: Master of Swindlers, now airing on tvN after moving from OCN. The heist show is expected to dole out the usual clever dialogue, intense action, intriguing characters, and a web of betrayals. With a bigger budget and shinier toys, will the show offer something new to the heist subgenre? Or will it be more of the same?

Which one is your fave role of his?

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