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Lim Ji-yeon (임지연)

Updated: Oct 30, 2023

Lim Ji-yeon may have gotten her big break in Netflix’s “The Glory,” but she’s been a multi-awarded working actress long before that.

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In entertainment, it's not uncommon to discover diamonds in the rough, hidden gems whose talents shine brightly and capture our hearts. One such gem in South Korea's entertainment industry is the immensely talented Lim Ji-yeon.

She began her career with short films and plays before landing her first feature film role in "Obsessed" (2014) with Song Seung-heon, which earned her a Baeksang Arts Award nomination, among other accolades. In this sultry drama, she portrayed the role of a wife entangled in a passionate and forbidden affair with a high-ranking military officer. Her compelling performance earned her critical acclaim and set the stage for a promising career.

Not one to shy away from demanding and often controversial roles, her career continued to flourish as she starred in the sexually-charged film The Treacherous (2015) and the television series High Society (2015), winning an APAN Star Award and a Korea Drama Award for the latter. She gained further success in the television series Blow Breeze (2016–2017), where her role as the tenacious and resilient Kim Mi-poong allowed her to exhibit her versatility as an actress. The series earned her recognition and a dedicated fan base. Her lead role in the dark and sexy thriller series Rose Mansion (2022) put her on the radar of many a K-drama director as a serious talent to watch.

Since her “Glory” days, Lim has only gone from strength to strength. Early this year, she starred alongside Kim Tae-hee in the suspense thriller Lies Hidden in My Garden. Her performance as a battered wife seeking release was met with high critical acclaim and aplomb. In her latest drama, she plays a cybercrime specialist tracking a murderous vigilante in The Killing Vote.

Some of her most notable works include:

“Rose Mansion” (2022)

Lim Ji-yeonis Ji Na, a hotel employee determined to find her missing sister, Ji Hyun. When Ji Hyun vanishes, Ji Na returns to her family's home, the Rose Mansion, and soon becomes entangled in an unexpected situation.

A detective specializing in violent crimes, Min Soo, is the only one willing to believe Ji Na's claims and offers his assistance. Together, they work to uncover the truth behind Ji Hyun's disappearance. But can she truly trust him? And with the ever-deepening tangle of mysteries piling one after another, will Ji Na ever find her sister in time?

“Blow Breeze” (2016)

Lim Ji-yeon plays the role of Kim Mi-Poong in the 50-episode series "Blow Breeze." She is a North Korean defector who moves to South Korea and faces various challenges as she tries to adapt to her new life while also dealing with matters of the heart. She soon gets entangled with Lee Jang-go (Son Ho-jun) when she finds herself amid a family dispute.

The series showcases her journey, along with the intertwined stories of other characters, and explores themes of love, family, and cultural differences. It also explores the harsh realities of leaving North Korea and the hardships of trying to build a new life in South Korea.

“Money Heist” (2022, Korean adaptation)

In the Korean adaptation of "Money Heist," titled "Money Heist: Korea - Joint Economic Area," Lim Ji-yeon portrays the character of Seoul. This new role was in the original series. Lim Ji-yeon as Seoul contributes her mercenary skills to the heist.

“The Glory” (2022)

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In the revenge drama hit," Lim Ji-yeon is the bully Park Yeon-jin who has made the life of Moon Dong-eun (Song Hye-kyo) a living hell. Despite her malicious behavior, Yeon-jin remains untouchable, thanks to her affluent family, who has always shielded her from facing consequences. But that’s all about to change as soon as Moon’s vengeful plans are set in motion.

For her portrayal as a relentless and savage bully in the drama, Lim won the Baeksang Award for Best Supporting Actress.

“Lies Hidden in My Garden”

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In the gothic noir series "Lies Hidden in My Garden," Lim Ji-yeon is Kim Soo-yeon, a pregnant wife who longs to leave her abusive husband. Her life is turned upside-down when her husband is suddenly murdered, putting her on the path to meeting Moon Joo-ran (Kim Tae-hee), an affluent woman whose own husband may have the key to solving the murder.

“The Killing Vote” (2023)

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Lim Ji-yeon is Lieutenant Yoo Na-ri, a talented member of the Police Cyber Security Bureau. Her skill and expertise in handling cybercrime cases are brought to the fore when they have to track down a mysterious online vigilante who executes people based on the “Killing Vote,” an app that allows citizens to kill off unsavory people who have escaped Korea’s justice system.

With her resolute acting skills and captivating on-screen presence, Lim Ji-young is undoubtedly a formidable talent and a gem in the South Korean entertainment industry.

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