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K-Drama Songs for the Rainy Days

Some songs are just perfect for rainy weather, and songs from k-dramas are even more so. Many of us have a secret k-drama OST playlist already stashed somewhere (wink, wink), so we'd like to add to that by sharing some songs from k-dramas we loved (and even from those we didn't). These chilled-out ballads and steady beats are just perfect for rainy days, and go best with a hot cup of coffee, a good book, and a warm blanket. Bring on the feels!

Here are some of our favorite k-drama and movie OST tracks to add to your rainy day playlist.



“Aloha” by Jo Jung-suk, Hospital Playlist Season 1

“A Day Not Too Far Ahead” by MeloMance, 20th Century Boy and Girl

“Little by Little” by Cheeze, It’s Okay To Not Be Okay

“Sigriswil” Kim Kyoung-hee, Crash Landing On You

“Do You See My Love” by Lucid Fall, Tune In For Love

“I Feel You by Hong Dae-kwang, It’s Okay That’s Love


Barrio Chaebol

"Feeling" by O. When, A Poem a Day

I Feel You” by Sandeul, She Would Never Know

I Will Never” by Joe Won Sun, Train

Gravity” by Kim Jong Wan, The King: Eternal Monarch

"Pop Pop" by EZ Kim,The Bride of Habaek

With My Tears" by Whee In (Mamamoo), Hospital Playlist Season 1



Me to You, You to Me” by Jatanpung, The Classic

Beautiful” by Crush, Goblin

Beautiful My Love” by Urban Zakapa, Hospital Playlist

Step Step” by SURAN, Jealousy Incarnate

Something in the Rain” by Rachael Yamagata, Something in the Rain

"I Love You" by Yoon Mi Rae, It's Okay, That's Love



The Wind is Blowing” by Lee Sora, Hospital Playlist

If It’s Fate” by Solji, Scripting Your Destiny

Love Sight” by TxT, Doom at Your Service

Door (Your Moon)” by Jeong Sewoon, My Roommate is a Gumiho

In Your Time” by Suhyun, It’s Okay To Not Be Okay

We Will Be Not All Together” by Rothy and Han Seung-yun, At A Distance, Spring is Green


Hana Dul Set

All About You” by TAEYEON, Hotel del Luna

Can You See My Heart” by HEIZE, Hotel del Luna

“Still Fighting It” by Lee Chan Sol, Itaewon Class

Sweet Night” by V of BTS, Itaewon Class

"긴 밤이 오면" by Eddy Kim, While You Were Sleeping


Chef Eommoni

“Grown Ups” by Sondia, My Mister

“Here I Am Again” by Yerin Baek, Crash Landing On You

“Always” by Yoon Mirae, Descendants of the Sun

“I’ll Be Here” by Park Hyungsik, Hwarang

“The First Snow” by Joonil Jung, Goblin

“The Night” by Eric Nam, Encounter



“Feel Like Falling in Love” by MeloMance, Because This Is My First Life

“It’s Definitely You” by V and Jin of BTS, Hwarang

“Star Picture Strings” by Moon Sung Nam, Because This Is My First Life

“Meow the Secret Boy 어서와” by Umji, Meow The Secret Boy

“I Think I’m Done Sleeping” by Soyou (Sistar) and Yoo Seung-woo, Moonlight Drawn by Clouds


Liam Yeon Kimin

“Can’t Go” by BEN, Because This Is My First Life

“So Long” by Paul Kim, Hotel Del Luna

“Where Do I Go?” by Janet Suhh, Lovestruck In The City

“Lonesome Diary” by Sandeul, Start-Up

“Because It’s You” by Lee Hyun, Romantic Doctor


Tteokbokki Fairy

“Hush” by Lasse Lindh, Goblin

“Like It’s Summer” by Ayeon, Mr. Queen

“네가 있으면 좋겠다” by Taru, Me Too, Flower

“Beach Trip” by SH Project, Liner, Coffee Prince

"Love So Fine" by Cha Eun-woo, True Beauty

“첫사랑” by Epitone Project, Extraordinary You


What are your favorite k-drama OST tracks for rainy days?

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