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New k-dramas to watch in April 2023

Updated: May 8, 2023

We're not fooling anyone when we say April is full of enticing new titles. From heartwarming family stories and rom-coms to exciting thrillers — plus the much-awaited comeback of legendary surgeon Kim Sabu in Dr. Romantic 3 — there are plenty of binge-worthy experiences on offer from our favorite streaming services.


April 7: Decoy: Part 2

The second part of Coupang Play’s 12-episode Decoy, also known as The Bait, is here. Tune in to find out whether lawyer-turned-detective Gu Do-han (Jang Keun-suk, Switch: Change the World) will find out the truth behind a 17-year-old case, known as the scam of the century, that has reemerged as a serial murder case.

Where to watch: Amazon Prime Video

April 10: Paper Moon

Based on a Japanese novel, this 10-episode series will chronicle the transformation of housewife Yoo Yi-hwa (Kim Seo-hyung, Mine). Frustrated by her husband's indifference and monotonous life, she starts working at a bank, where she regains confidence. However, her newfound self-assurance leads to a dangerous turn, as she starts stealing from clients.

April 12: True to Love (Bora! Deborah)

Follow the unexpected entanglement between famous dating coach Deborah (Yoo In-na, Touch Your Heart) and Lee Soo-hyeok (Yoon Hyun-min, Witch at Court), a publishing planner struggling with love, in this 14-episode rom-com. Adding to the mix is Han Sang-jin (Joo Sang-wook, Alchemy of Souls), a charming CEO with a carefree lifestyle.

Where to watch: Amazon Prime Video

April 12: Stealer: The Treasure Keeper

After starring in the thrilling action film Carter, Joo Won turns to comedy in this new series — but still with a bit of action. By day, he will portray Hwang Dae-myung, a public officer in the Special Investigation Division of the Cultural Heritage Administration. But he has an alter ego: he suits up as the thief known as “Skunk,” who worked with a team called “Karma” to redeem cultural assets and punish those who are able to evade the law.

Where to watch: Viu

April 14: Queenmaker

In this intense political drama, Kim Hee-ae (The World of the Married) stars as PR genius Hwang Do-hee who will mold human rights lawyer Oh Kyeong-sook (Moon So-ri) into the next mayor of Seoul. Over 12 episodes, the pair will navigate a high-stakes political landscape, face adversity, and forge alliances in their quest for power — while taking down Hwang Do-hee’s former employer, the Eunsung Group.

Where to watch: Netflix

April 15: Doctor Cha

Netflix will bring us a comedic medical family drama with the 16-episode Doctor Cha. The titular doctor (Uhm Jung-hwa, Our Blues) gave up a career in medicine to focus on her family as a housewife. But 20 years later, she finds herself a medical resident again, with a husband (Kim Byung-chul, All of Us Are Dead) who maintains a perfect dual life as a competent doctor and a cheating husband.

Where to watch: Netflix

April 17: Family: The Unbreakable Bond

Veteran stars Jang Hyuk (The Crowned Clown) and Jang Na-ra (Sell Your Haunted House) reunite for a spy comedy drama about a National Intelligence Service agent who leads a double life as an office worker by day, and his wife who dreams of having a perfect family. Nobody knows, though, that she too has a secret.

Where to watch: Disney+

April 26: The Good Bad Mother

In this heartwarming 14-episode drama, single mother Yeong-soon (Ra Mi-ran, Black Dog) adopts a tough-love approach to raise her son Kang-ho (Lee Do-hyun, The Glory) into a successful prosecutor. After an accident leaves Kang-ho with the mind of a 7-year-old, they embark on a touching journey of healing, with childhood friend Mi-joo (Ahn Eun-jin, Hospital Playlist) joining the mix.

Where to watch: Netflix

April 28: Dr. Romantic 3

The Doldam family is back! Legendary surgeon Kim Sabu (Han Suk-kyu) will continue to mentor Dr. Seo Woo-jin (Ahn Hyo-seop, Business Proposal) and Dr. Cha Eun-jae (Lee Sung-kyung, Sh**ting Stars) in season 3 of this SBS healing drama. It takes off three years from the end of the last season, so expect a more skilled and reliable medical team at the small but tightly-knit countryside hospital. So much of the world has changed in those three years—both in the drama and IRL, but the fact that “people are the most important” has not.

Where to watch: Disney+

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