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What to Watch while Waiting for Taxi Driver 2

Taxi Driver 2 has been topping the ratings in its native South Korea. Fans around the globe have been sharing their appreciation for the thrilling show about a team of vigilantes who are out to get justice through any means possible. But the week is long and the episodes too few, so here are some recommendations for what to watch while you’re waiting for the next episode.

If you want more Lee Je-hoon K-dramas

Who wouldn’t want to see more of Lee Je-hoon! The talented and handsome actor has a wide range of performances in k-dramas in various genres.

Tomorrow with You (2017)

In the fantasy romance Tomorrow with You, Lee is a time-traveler whose fate always leads him back to amateur photographer Song Ma-rin played by Shin Min-a. Being able to see the future gives Yoo So-joon (Lee) certain advantages in business but it still can’t keep him from escaping his death. Will staying with Ma-rin change the course of events or is he unwittingly playing into destiny’s hands? Watching a besotted Lee Je-hoon fall in love with the adorable Shin Min-a gives us all the feels.

16 Episodes, Available on Viki and Viu in some territories

Fox Bride Star/ Where Stars Land (2018)

Who better than Lee Je-hoon to play a tall, handsome, and mysterious stranger who works in Incheon International Airport? As a man with a secret, Lee Soo-yeon likes to keep to himself but he can’t quite seem to shake off Han Yeo-reum (Chae Soo-bin), who keeps getting in his way and forces him out of his lonely existence. While the romantic drama has a hint of fantasy in its plot, the situations involving security, immigration, sales, and office politics are all too real. It’s an entertaining insider’s look at the lives of people whose stressful job is to make everyone else’s flying experience as uneventful as possible.

32 30-minute Episodes, Available on Viu and Viki

Signal (2016)

“South Korean police fantasy procedural” is not really a phrase we see in show blurbs every day, but for the 2016 ratings overlord Signal, that’s not even the full description. They forgot to add “parallel dimension melodrama with a dash of space-time romance” to it, just to even come close to what this show is all about.

Using real cases such as the serial killing incident in Hwaseong (Gyeonggi Province) from 1986 to 1991, Signal takes much of its emotional fuel from the fantasy of being able to reach out to someone of that time and help him solve the murders before they become cold cases at the present. Much like the 1999 film Frequency and the Park Shin-hye starrer The Call, Signal is about the unforeseen consequences of changing the past and the present. Lee Je-hoon plays a supporting role in this Baeksang Award Winner for Best Drama.

16 Episodes, Available on Netflix

In this Netflix original, the lead trauma cleaner is Han Geu-ru (Tang Joon-sang, Crash Landing on You) a young man with Asperger’s syndrome who has to run the family trauma cleaning business, Move to Heaven, after his father (Ji Jin-hee, Undercover) passes away.

Helping (and annoying) him is Cho Sang-gu (Lee Je-hoon, Signal, Taxi Driver), an uncle he didn’t know until after his father's death. An ex-convict and street fighter, Sang-gu has to learn to become a proper guardian to Geu-ru and employee of Move to Heaven over three months. Keeping a close eye on him is Yoon Na-mu (Hong Seung-hee, Navillera), Geu-ru's neighbor and best friend.

10 Episodes, Available on Netflix

If you want to see Lee Je-hoon in movies...

Collectors (2020)

Lee Je-hoon is a grave robber out to get rich in this film that also stars Jo Woo-jin, Shin Hye-sun, and Im Won-hee. Fans of Taxi Driver will love this film about another ragtag team of misfits in a heist that could go wrong at every turn. Suspenseful and entertaining, this film is a quick fun watch when you want to unwind.

Available on Netflix

I Can Speak (2017)

Na Ok-bun played by beloved veteran actress Na Moon-hee wants to learn English and conscripts civil servant Park Min-jae (Lee Je-hoon) to help her. At its surface the film is nothing more than an odd couple trope of a cranky old woman and a frustrated young man. But with its deft storytelling and stirring script, the film explores the true story of “comfort women,” during the Japanese Occupation and how the women finally found their voice.

Available on other sites

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