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Jung Ho-yeon / Hoyeon (정호연)

"Breakout" doesn't even begin to describe the phenomenon that is Hoyeon. One day, she's a fashion model living a relatively quiet life, and the next day, she's gained millions of followers on Instagram and later even won critical acclaim for her incredible debut as Kang Sae-byeok in Squid Game. The word we are looking for might just be "stratospheric."

GwenchaNoona | Actor's Profile: Hoyeon

Photo from Sports Chosun/HanCinema

Birthday: June 23, 1994

Instagram: @hoooooyeony

Jung Ho-yeon, who now goes by the mononym "Hoyeon," graduated from Dongduk Women's University where she majored in modelling. She then worked the runways of Seoul Fashion Week for over two years, and then competed in Korea's Next Top Model, where she was a runner-up. Not one to remain ordinary, she colored her hair in a deep red hue, making her stand out as the "red-haired Asian" to designers everywhere. Later, she moved overseas for more modelling jobs, and eventually landed a Louis Vuitton gig. But today, thanks to her massive popularity, Hoyeon is now a global ambassador for the Vuitton brand.

More than just an insanely pretty face, Hoyeon is also the second Korean female to win the esteemed Screen Actors Guild Award (the first being Youn Yuh-jung). This award is made doubly special because not only are the winners chosen by their peers, but also because it capped a remarkable debut performance. Yes, being Player 067 was her very first attempt at acting.

Yet unlike many breakout stars who fizzle out as fast as they rise, Hoyeon's star power seems to show no sign of slowing down at all. Her effervescent personality and laid-back vibe keeps earning her legions of fans and followers everyday, whether they've seen Squid Game or not. In fact, she is currently one of the most followed Korean actresses on Instagram.

It's incredible to think that this is just the beginning for Hoyeon's acting career. Next, she'll be in Alfonso Cuaron's Disclaimer, where she will act alongside Cate Blanchett and Sacha Baron Cohen.

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