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Jung Hae-in (정해인)

Updated: Apr 1

“His face is [for] romance; his body is [for] action” is quite the apt description of Jung Hae-in by his fans.

GwenchaNoona | Actor's Profile: Jung Hae-in

Photo from HanCinema/News 1

Birthday: April 1, 1988 Instagram: @holyhaein Twitter: @ActorHaein

A boyish smile, perfect white teeth, and glass skin—Jung Hae-in has the face of a quintessential k-drama romantic male lead. Even his genes are impressive: he's the great-grandson of Jeong Yak-yong, one of the greatest Joseon-era thinkers. If this pedigree wasn't enough, he was also born to affluent doctor parents.

To attribute his success solely to his family, however, is unfair. Once he realized his love for acting while in the military, he decided to pursue it, even if it meant debuting at the late age of 26. A black belt, he made full use of his taekwondo skills in his action scenes for the sageuks (historical shows) The Three Musketeers (2014) and The Age of Blood (2017). He even trained in boxing for three months for Netflix’s military drama D.P. (2021). He also became the most searched on the Korean portal Naver as While You Were Sleeping (2017) was airing.

He launched his "noona (a boy's older sister/older girlfriend) killer" status when he charmed Son Ye-jin's character in Something in the Rain (2018) and cemented it again in One Spring Night (2019). He broke hearts when he played a North Korean spy in the historical drama Snowdrop (2021) opposite Blackpink’s Kim Ji-soo.

Flexing his acting range, he recently starred in the Disney+ horror-mystery Connect as an immortal humanoid. Reprising his role in the second season of D.P., he has come a long way since appearing in AOA Black's music video "Moya."

A versatile actor who can cook and clean, he is known to be kind to the cast and crew. But because he doesn’t fully grasp how endearing he is, the introvert Jung Hae-in possesses charms that are truly lethal to all noonas and non-noonas alike.

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