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"Crash Landing On You" Cast: Where Are They Now?

Updated: Jul 23, 2021

It's been well over a year since Crash Landing On You ("CLOY") ended, but the drama and its cast are still buzz-worthy. CLOY is still in the Netflix Top 10 in Japan, a country so obsessed with it that it even has an ongoing four-city exhibit which kicked off last December. In March, a Crash Landing on You musical adaptation was announced for staging in the middle of 2022. As for the cast alumni, many of them have appeared in some of the most popular dramas of the first half of 2021, including Move to Heaven, Beyond Evil, and Vincenzo.

In case you've missed seeing the talented cast on screen, we've made a list of some of their most recent projects as well as their latest casting news.


Tang Joon-sang

The maknae (youngest) of Captain Ri Jeong-hyeok's Company 5, 17-year old Tang Joon-sang is proving to be one of the most promising young actors today. He has been winning a lot of praise for his acting as a neuro-divergent "trauma cleaner" in the drama Move to Heaven, his first starring role. Just two weeks after Move to Heaven dropped on Netflix, his latest project, Racket Boys, premiered on SBS (and Netflix). In this sports-themed drama, he plays a talented but arrogant young athlete who is a member of a badminton team that's about to be disbanded.

Choi Dae-hoon

Choi Dae-hoon's comedic skills were put to use in CLOY as Yoon Se-jung, the not-so-bright big brother of Yoon Se-ri (Son Ye-jin). Post-CLOY, he has taken on police roles in two crime thrillers that were nominated for Best Drama at the 57th Baeksang Arts Awards: Flower of Evil and Beyond Evil. It was his turn as the emotionally unstable Park Jeong-je in the latter that revealed his dramatic acting chops and earned him a nomination for Best Supporting Actor. His performance was so strong that he came second to Oh Jung-se (It's Okay to Not Be Okay).

Kim Sun-young

Everyone’s favorite ahjumma is on a roll! After winning Best Supporting Actress for her hilarious portrayal of North Korean villager Na Wol-suk at the 56th Baeksang Arts Awards, this year she took home yet another Best Supporting Actress trophy. This time, she was awarded in the film division for her outstanding work in Three Sisters, a family movie about three middle-aged sisters struggling to overcome life's difficulties. The film was both a box office hit and critical success.

Cha Chung-hwa

"Ma-maaaaa!!!" Who can forget Court Lady Choi's cathartic bamboo forest screaming sessions in the fusion sageuk Mr. Queen, one of the first big hits of 2021? After playing North Korean ahjumma Yang Ok-geum in CLOY, this multi-talented actress crafted such a memorable (stressed out) character that she received a Best Supporting Actress nomination at this year's Baeksang Arts Awards. She also played a small but pivotal role in the Best Drama-winning Beyond Evil.

Yang Kyun-won

His scene stealing-performance as Pyo Chi-su in CLOY earned Yang Kyun-won a Baeksang Arts Award nomination for Best Supporting Actor in 2020. This year, he returned to television in the highly-rated black crime comedy Vincenzo, as Lee Chol-wook, a pawnshop owner who bears a striking resemblance to a North Korean soldier. ;)

Lim Chul-soo

He may not have had a lot of screen time as Park Chu-san, the insurance agent whose life depended on finding Yoon Se-ri, but it was enough to leave a positive impression. So it was a joy to see Lim Chul-soo in a larger role and reunited with another CLOY alumni in Vincenzo. He hilariously played An Gi-seok, an undercover government agent who set out to dig up dirt on Song Joong-ki's character, only to end up as president of his Fan Club.

Oh Man-seok

The villain we all love to hate is back on the small screen as... another villain! Oh Man-seok is currently making viewers' blood pressure rise in Youth of May, the KBS2 drama which depicts the turbulent events of the student-led Gwangju Uprising of 1980. In this ongoing drama, he plays the role of Hwang Ki-nam, father to the drama's male lead Hwang Hee-tae (Lee Do-hyun). He also happens to be a high-ranking official of the military dictatorship.

Kim Jung-hyun

Kim Jung-hyun returned to tvN Sat-Sun nights as King Cheoljong in Mr. Queen. His on-screen chemistry with Shin Hae-sun helped propel the gender-bending fusion sageuk to immense popularity, making it one of the cable network's most highly-rated shows. His contentious parting with his agency has been all over the news this year, but thankfully, the matter has been settled. We wish him all the best as he takes time off for his mental health and well-being.

Seo Ji-hye

Seo Ji-hye has been cast in the upcoming AppleTV+ program Mr. Robin (working title). Based on the popular webtoon Dr. Brain, the medical thriller is one of AppleTV+'s first Korean-language programs. Lee Sun-kyun (Parasite, My Mister) leads the cast as a genius neuroscientist who solves crime by accessing the brains of the deceased.

Hyun Bin

Captain Ri Jeong-hyeok has been busy with two movies since CLOY ended. Set for release later this year, the film Point Men with Hyun Bin and Hwang Jung-min is based on the 2007 Korean hostage crisis in Afghanistan. He is currently filming Confidential Assignment 2, where he reprises his role as North Korean agent Im Chul-ryung alongside Yoo Jae-hin and Im Yoona. The movie also reunites him with Korean-American heartthrob Daniel Henney, whom he last worked with in the 2005 hit drama My Lovely Sam Soon.

Son Ye-jin

Just months after CLOY wrapped up, it was announced that Son Ye-jin had been handpicked by Gattaca director Andrew Niccol to star in Cross—a dystopian film with Sam Worthington and Ethan Hawke. However, due to COVID-19, her first Hollywood project has been postponed indefinitely. In the meantime, her agency has confirmed that she is "positively reviewing" her involvement in JTBC's Thirty-Nine, a 12-episode slice-of-life drama about three female friends in their late thirties. Jeon Mi-do of Hospital Playlist is also reviewing the drama. Assuming she confirms, we can look forward to seeing her back on the small screen later this year.

We're happy to see CLOY alumni doing so well, and look forward to seeing more of them! Did we miss anyone?

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Hetta Hunkin
Hetta Hunkin
22 jul 2021

I will never move on from CLOY! I do not know why but something is holding me on CLOY grounds, guess its the RIRI Couple! I honestly say I watch CLOY once a week, there had never been a week that I had missed going back again and again watching few episodes. BLESS YOU HYUN BIN AND SON YE JIN, Praying that we will see more of your movies soon! Please.

Me gusta
01 ago 2021
Contestando a

Hi and welcome to the blog, Hetta Hunkin! Many of us in GwenchaNoona re-watch our favorite k-dramas or movies, including CLOY, too, and discover nuances in the 2nd, 3rd, or nth re-watch. Actually, as a safe space for k-drama/movie lovers, we don't need a reason why fans do what they do. 😊 We also look forward to more Bin-Jin projects!

Me gusta
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