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Uhm Tae-Goo (엄태구)

The 2021 neo-noir gangster film "Night in Paradise" may have put his name on many a film fanatic's radars, and his part in Apple TV's newest show "Dr. Brain" will bring him even more popularity, but Uhm Tae-goo has been part of a number of critically-acclaimed productions for a while now.

Since 2007, the tall and lanky character actor has been nominated in and even won acting awards for his performances in films such as "Coin Locker Girl," "The Age of Shadows," "The Great Battle," and the heartwarming "My Punch-Drunk Boxer" with fan-favorite Hyeri.

Lest we forget, he has also won a handful of Best Actor trophies, the latest of which for his notable turn as a gangster seeking redemption in "Night in Paradise."

He does make time for k-dramas when he's not filming independent movies. He's also the lead in various dramas such as "Save Me 2" and the recent noir-crime series "Hometown."

Clearly, this actor prefers roles that are gritty, unglamorous, and difficult -- and while his artistic choices may not earn him any pretty "oppa" titles, his talent and focus will definitely gear him toward cinematic greatness. We can't wait.

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