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The Weekend Watch: "Miss Granny"

Updated: Jul 2, 2021

When a film is so heartfelt and hilarious that it gets adapted not once or twice but EIGHT times in only four years, you know you have a modern comedy classic in your hands. Miss Granny is a super funny and satisfying weekend flick that’s perfect for watching with lola and the family.

The Plot

A difficult grandmother, played by veteran actress Na Moon-hee, enters a photography studio that magically turns her back into her 20-year-old self. She realizes that she now has the chance to live a whole new life again, and even relaunches a singing career that she gave up on in her youth. But can she really carry on as a young, single singer? Or does she turn this extraordinary chance down to go back and live with her family, even if she were to be an old and difficult grandmother again?

The Review

Miss Granny is really just one of those sweet flicks that hits both the funny and the feels. It’s so happily uncomplicated that we even made our own Filipino version with Sarah Geronimo (and if you haven’t seen the Thai version, go check it out. It’s a hoot as well.)

The most amazing thing about the humor of Miss Granny is how it consistently hits all the right notes without resorting to hurtful slapstick or cheap shots. Everything is so pleasantly old-fashioned yet still relevant, and the twists are touching yet never too sappy. The film even manages to slip in commentaries on ageism, youth, and family. It’s easy to see why this was remade by so many countries even if there are very few surprises and a very predictable ending. It all just goes to prove that you don’t always need big stars or a huge CG budget to make a dent. Sometimes, genuine warmth and sharp-witted hilarity are all you need to become one of the biggest box office hits in Asia.

STREAM :if you're looking for a wholesome comedy to watch with the family.

SKIP: If you're in the mood for something else entirely.

Miss Granny is available on Viu PH.

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