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The Weekend Binge: "The Hungry and the Hairy"

Updated: Jan 31, 2022

Before 2021 comes to a close, Netflix serves up its second-to-the-last variety show attempt of the year. We made a list (and checked it twice!) of reasons The Hungry and the Hairy would make a heartwarmingly perfect binge this Christmas weekend!


The Plot

Plot Twist—there's none! Since this is a variety show, the main objective is for Hungry (Rain, Welcome 2 Life) and Hairy (Noh Hong-chul, Where is My Home?) to bond and strengthen their unlikely friendship through their shared love of motorcycles. The pair takes us along as they ride throughout South Korea in search of good food and adventure, in the time of Corona.

Our Review

Meet Hungry and Hairy, Rain and Hong-chul's animated counterparts.

Let's keep it real, bromance and travel is nothing groundbreaking. In fact, the famous variety shows Twogether (2020) and House on Wheels (2020, 2021) feature both heavily. But The Hungry and the Hairy has its own vibrant and unique charm that makes it feel refreshing and heartwarming at the same time.

When you first watch it, you'll definitely notice the heavy use of graphic effects. While these are not new in a variety program, The Hungry and the Hairy's effects are bold and vibrant, heavily referencing steampunk art and animation to drive home the fact that this program is about big bikes and bigger personalities. The effects team uses big and bold fonts that draw your attention and take away a lot of the guess work about what's happening. It's exciting and vibrant—and it has to be. The graphics need to stand out and match the energy and star power that Rain and Noh Hong-chul bring to the table.

Bros just being bros.

Noh Hong-chul has always been known for his boisterous and eccentric personality, and he definitely does not disappoint. From his frequent shouts calling for Netflix and Reed Hastings, to his surprisingly gender-fluid fashion sense (my favorite has to be his pink power suit-skirt combo!), his personality incites laughter and disbelief.

Which is why Rain makes the perfect companion on this trip. The more mellow Rain softens Noh Hong-chul's punchy personality. Rain's attention to detail and introspective nature makes for a bright and surprising contrast... oddly reminiscent of the relationship in the sitcom The Odd Couple (2015). Sometimes, an episode is all about fun activities (swimming, camping, etc.) but when the energy dials down and gives way to meaningful conversations, viewers get to see how two seemingly different people sustain and maintain their friendship. Amazingly, this is enough to keep the show going despite minimal guests. Genuine friendship needs no fillers.

We also can't forget to talk (more like gush, actually) about the show's wonderful soundtrack! With the magical touch of Lee Sang-soon and Lee Hyo-ri, each moment is painted with beautiful background music. All it takes is for Rain and Noh Hong-chul to shout "Sang-soon Hyung, Cue Music!" and, lo and behold, music is heard. The OST is a great mix of driving music and nostalgia.

With its focus on motorcycles and big personalities, Netflix' The Hungry and the Hairy was not tagged as a healing variety show. But through the genuine friendship between Rain and Noh Hong-chul, it became a healing show all on its own—a show that we'd gladly re-watch this Christmas weekend with the family!


STREAM: If you want a light and uncomplicated show to laugh to or watch with your family.

SKIP: If you're looking for plot-driven or game-oriented variety programs.

The Hungry and the Hairy is available on Netflix PH. Merry Christmas and Happy Watching!

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