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The Weekend Binge: "We Don't Bite: Villains in the Countryside"

Updated: Jan 31, 2022

Penthouse's Logan Lee (Park Eun-seok, Partners For Justice) once said "If you commit a sin, it is but natural to be punished" — and We Don't Bite: Villains in the Countryside is hilarious proof of its truth! With 11 episodes under its belt, this "healing" variety show will have viewers disbelievingly laugh their way through the Goheung countryside alongside three notorious ex-villains!


The Plot

After one year and six months of murder, screaming, and operatic singing — the extremely popular makjang drama, Penthouse Trilogy (2020-2021) has officially ended its reign on the small screen, leaving many viewers frustratingly perplexed and still swearing at the bad guys. But what happens to the villains after the final scene? Well, they put away their suits and bloody gloves and turn back into normal people living an ordinary (or at least, what can pass for ordinary for Hallyu actors) life. We Don't Bite: Villains in the Countryside is a program that shows the distinct charm of the three actors who terrorized Hera Palace for more than a year. Viewers will join Joo Dan-tae (Uhm Ki-joon, Heart Surgeons), Lee Kyu-jin (Bong Tae-gyu, Doctor Detective), and Ha Yoon-cheol (Yoon Jong-hoon, Find Me In Your Memory) as they shed off their bad guy image by renovating a decrepit house in the Goheung countryside and finally proving to the world that they don't bite.


The Review

Abandoned for more than 8 years, this house is the perfect hideout for 3 villains on the run!

Imagine opening the front door of a house and being met with the sight of overgrown kudzu vines, a ramshackle house, and no modern appliances in sight — we'd all probably close the door and quickly run away, but for our three bad guys, running away is not an option. This starts the arduous journey of home renovation!

To brand this as a "healing variety show" is riotous and quick-witted because what can be more cathartic and healing than seeing the three most well-known villains of 2021 toil away during the blazing South Korean summer heatwave? Viewers might liken it to the famous Three Meals A Day series but We Don't Bite goes beyond trying to prepare and serve meals. In fact, Jung-hoon (affectionately called Mama Yoon) described it best when he named it as a "hard labor variety show." Throughout 10 episodes, Ki-Joon, Tae-gyu, and Jong-hoon tenaciously and patiently (with a few bickering and cussing in between) build furniture, landscape the front yard, redecorate the rooms, AND also try to feed themselves (and their guests!) without the use of most modern appliances. What's even more amusing is that the three villains of Goheung are so invested in turning this house into a livable space that they disbelievingly con their guests into joining them in hard labor! Just imagine, the well-dressed and accessorized Penthouse actors and actresses quickly donning floral-patterned work pants and pulling out weeds or carrying flagstones! Yes, highly amusing.

The Bad Guys with the Heroine of "Penthouse" (and their first guest), Lee Ji-ah!

What more is there to write about? This show is as simple as it sounds. But through the hard labor and disbelieving laughs, what shines most is the chemistry of these three men who not only work well together as actors but also fall seamlessly into roles that make watching them entertaining and heartwarming. So, for viewers who will give this gem a watch, be prepared to be attached and endeared by these three men and their Goheung Country Home.


STREAM: If you're a fan of the makjang series, Penthouse Trilogy. Viewers who like slice-of-life variety shows may also find this entertaining.

SKIP: If you don't like seeing people struggle with home renovations! Also, if you like variety programs with structured and streamlined content.

We Don't bite: Villains in the Countryside ended last December 8 and is currently available to watch on Viu Philippines.

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