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The Baeksang Arts Award for Best Supporting Actress – Television (백상예술대상 TV부문 여자 조연상) is an award presented annually at the Baeksang Arts Awards.

Like the Best Supporting Actor category, this category was also only introduced in 2018.

Lim Ji-yeon uses her angelic face to hide her horrific past as a bully in The Glory.

Kim Shin-rok wins for her role as a tortured mother in Hellbound.

She is nominated again this year for her role in Reborn Rich.

Yeon Hye-ran is slated to return in the second season of The Uncanny Counter.

She is nominated again this year for her role in The Glory.

Nominated alongside fellow cast member Seo Ji-hye, Kim Sun-young takes home the major acting trophy for Crash Landing on You.

Recently seen in Our Blues, Lee Jung-eun makes

Ye Ji-won was the first winner of the Best Supporting Actress award when the category was introduced in 2018.

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