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Netflix to Bring More Korean Reality TV to the Global Stage

Buckle up, k-drama fans — Korean reality shows are out to compete for your Netflix and chill time.

On the heels of the success of reality shows like Single's Inferno and Physical 100 — which is now No. 2 on Netflix's Global Top 10 Non-English TV series list — the streaming platform today announced that it plans to release at least EIGHT new Korean unscripted titles this year.

Get ready for a wild ride through the dating world, mind games, physical endurance challenges, and even zombies.

You read the last one right: Netflix is bringing the undead to your screens in Zombieverse. And to add to the authenticity, they've even brought on the art team from All of Us Are Dead and the choreographers from Kingdom to make this show as realistic as a zombie apocalypse can get.

But let's not forget the classic reality dating shows. Single's Inferno is back for a third season with some new rules and a fresh location. And Nineteen to Twenty will give you all the feels with its unique take on young love.

If you're looking for a physical challenge, don't miss Physical: 100 — which has Squid Games levels of suspense, without all the dying — or the upcoming Siren: Survive the Island, which will see teams of Korea’s fittest women from different backgrounds fight to survive on an uninhabited island.

And for the mind-game enthusiasts, The Devil's Plan from the mastermind behind Korea's survival shows based on mind games, Jeong Jong-yeon, is coming your way.

For those who want their reality TV in bite-sized portions, Netflix is launching its first unscripted mid-form show with a short runtime of just half an hour.

So buckle up, grab the popcorn, and get ready to discover why Korean unscripted shows are taking the world by storm on Netflix!

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