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Lee Jae-wook (이재욱)

Updated: May 3

Whether as a guest actor or as the lead, Lee Jae-wook compels viewers to be easily annoyed, profusely angry, or effortlessly in love with his character. It’s no wonder then that he has conquered the screen with his versatile acting skills and charismatic presence.

GwenchaNoona | Actor Profile: Lee Jae-wook

Photo from HanCinema

Birthday: May 10, 1998

Instagram: @jxxvvxxk

Born in Seoul, South Korea, he embarked on his acting journey with a debut in the Netflix fantasy series Memories of the Alhambra in 2018. His portrayal of Marco Han, a programmer and hacker, laid the foundation for his burgeoning career.

The year 2019 marked a significant milestone for Lee Jae-wook as he garnered a nomination for the Best New Actor award at the Baeksang Arts Awards for his role in the meta-fantasy-romance Extraordinary You. His character Baek Kyung, a high school student in a manhwa (Korean comics), showcased his ability to bring to life a complex character.

Lee Jae-wook's trajectory continued upward with his performance in the rom-com Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol in 2020 as the free-spirited pianist Sun Woo-joon. He further showed off his amazing on-screen chemistry with Lee Da-hee and his versatility as the newbie actor Seol Ji-hwan in the workplace romance k-drama Search: WWW.

2022 was a landmark year for Lee Jae-wook as he starred in Alchemy of Souls, a Netflix fantasy drama written by the Hong sisters, which won him widespread acclaim. His portrayal of Jang Uk, a noble-born magician, earned him several acting awards. His performance was not only a testament to his acting prowess but also his ability to lead a series to commercial and critical success.

Lee Jae-wook's impact extends beyond the screen, as evidenced by numerous popularity and modeling awards, recognizing his influence and fame across Asia. His recent works shown on other viewing platforms include Death's Game (Prime Video) and The Impossible Heir (Disney+), where he continues to challenge himself with diverse roles that highlight his growth as an actor.

His journey from a promising newcomer to a celebrated actor is a testament to his talent, dedication, and the affection he has earned from fans around the world.

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