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Kim Tae-hee (김태희)

Kim Tae-hee has left an indelible mark on the Korean drama industry, and her legacy as one of South Korea’s most beautiful and talented actresses remains unchallenged.

kim tae hee kdrama

Kim Tae-hee, often regarded as one of South Korea's most talented and beloved actresses, has certainly left a mark on the Korean entertainment industry, and it looks like there's no stopping her anytime soon.

Born on March 29, 1980, in Busan, South Korea, Kim had already shown early signs of her acting prowess. Born into a family with a strong sense of business, Kim knew what she wanted from the start, and graduated from the prestigious Seoul National University with a degree in Fashion Design.

Her entry into the world of entertainment came in 2000 when she appeared in her first television drama, "School 2." Although her role was relatively small, it was enough to catch the attention of casting directors and viewers alike. It marked the beginning of a remarkable career that would see her become one of South Korea's most recognized faces.

Then came an iconic role in the 2003 drama "Stairway to Heaven." She played Han Yoo-ri, a kind-hearted and tragic figure who captured viewers' hearts. The drama's immense popularity across Asia solidified Kim Tae-hee's status as one of the earliest Hallyu (Korean Wave) stars. She then followed this up in "Love Story in Harvard" with Kim Rae-won, cementing her status as an Asian superstar.

In the blockbuster drama "Iris" (2009), Kim portrayed Choi Seung-hee, a skilled National Security Service agent caught in a web of espionage and intrigue. Her performance earned critical acclaim and further established her as a top-tier actress in South Korea.

While Kim Tae-hee is best known for her work in television dramas, she has also made a notable impact on the Korean film industry. In 2004, she starred in "The Restless," a fantasy film where she played So-hwa, a mystical character who can foresee the future. Her ethereal beauty and acting skills shone through in this visually stunning movie.

Kim's talent has not gone unnoticed by industry professionals and award committees. She has received several awards throughout her career from several station Drama Awards, as well as incurring nominations and popularity wins at the prestigious Baeksang Arts Awards.

In 2020, Kim played the titular mother in "Hi Bye, Mama!," a touching and heartwarming drama about a loving wife and mother who tragically passes away in a car accident but is given a second chance at life as a ghost.

Her latest performance as a trapped and gaslit trophy wife in Amazon Prime's "Lies Hidden in My Garden" was another terrific understated performance from the veteran actress.

Beyond her acting career, Kim Tae-hee is also known for her philanthropic efforts. She has been involved in various charitable activities, including supporting children's hospitals and educational initiatives. Her commitment to positively impacting society reflects her compassionate and caring nature. In her private life, she is married to fellow Hallyu OG and superstar idol Rain, with whom she has two daughters.

As South Korea continues to produce exceptional talent in the entertainment industry, Kim Tae-hee remains a steadfast and shining star, inspiring aspiring actors and captivating audiences with her performances. Her legacy is one that will undoubtedly endure for generations to come.

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