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Kim Dae-myung (김대명)

GwenchaNoona | Actor's Profile: Kim Dae-myung

Birthday: February 16, 1981


Kim Dae-myung charmed his way into the hearts of k-drama fans by playing the fumbling, socially awkward but compassionate OBGYN Yang Seok-hyung in seasons 1 and 2 of the hit Hospital Playlist. He further endeared himself to the audience by appearing as his genuine, shy, culinary-challenged self in the variety show Three Meals A Day: Doctors along with the other cast members of Hospital Playlist.

He first made waves for his supporting role in the 2014 kdrama Misaeng: Incomplete Life where he received the Excellence Award for an actor in the 8th Korea Drama Awards. In 2016-17, he also appeared in The Sound of Your Heart, a sitcom based on a webtoon.

Mostly, however, he can be seen in smaller roles in films such as The Target (2014), The Beauty Inside (2015), Pandora (2016), The Drug King (2018), and The Golden Holiday (2020). For his role in the thriller Bluebeard (2018), he was nominated for Best Supporting Actor in the Blue Dragon Film Awards.

A graduate of Sungkyunkwan University’s program for Acting for Theatre, Film, and TV, Kim Dae-myung has also performed on stage. In a scene in Three Meals A Day: Doctors, one of his co-actors commented on how quickly and thoroughly Kim Dae-myung cleaned the dishes. He humbly replied that he had worked in restaurants when he was still struggling as a young actor. Perhaps it is this work ethic that also pushed him to learn piano for his role as the keyboardist in Hospital Playlist.

If as the ancients say “luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity,” we wish many more lucky days to this hardworking, talented actor.

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