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Jung Sung-il (정성일)

Fans of the hit drama The Glory (2022-23) knew that it was special when every single character in the show held their own against extraordinarily powerful performances all around. Jung Sung-il wowed audiences with his quiet but powerful energy as Ha Do-yeon, the sexy and successful husband of main bully Park Yeon-jin (Lee Do-hyun).

Photo from SK Pop
Birthday: February 3, 1980

If the forty-three year old actor’s filmography looks sparse compared to his peers, that’s because he’s mostly performed on theater. Perhaps this is why the thoughtful actor shared in an interview that it is the script that draws him to projects first.

His film credits include minor roles in A Frozen Flower (2008), The Chase (2017) and Project Wolf Hunting (2022).

He makes a special appearance in Birthcare Center (2020).

He plays the king in Moonshine (2022), a historical k-drama set during the time of alcohol prohibition.

He plays a therapist with a mysterious past in Bad and Crazy (2022)

Now that he's in the public’s eye, Jung Sung-il is in talks to play his first lead role soon.

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