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Jeon Jong-seo (전종서) / Rachel Jun

She is "Korean cinema’s unhinged ingénue du jour." Jeon Jong-seo, who was a mere rookie actress back in 2017, immediately nailed her first audition for Lee Chang-dong's acclaimed film, Burning, and immediately shot to international critical acclaim. "Magnetic" was the word often attributed to her performance, and at times she was even described as even more mesmerizing than her veteran co-stars Yoo Ah-in and Steven Yeun.

GwenchaNoona | Actor's Profile: Jeon Jong-seo

Photo from ANDMARQ/HanCinema

Birthday: July 5, 1994

Instagram: @wjswhdtj94

With the success of Burning still hot on her heels, she then played a more unhinged character in the 2020 time thriller, The Call. Once again, her electrifying performance of a fragile yet deranged woman earned praise from critics and cemented her status as a serious talent to watch.

Jeon made her English-language debut in Mona Lisa and the Blood Moon alongside Kate Hudson. The fantasy-adventure film premiered at the Venice Film Festival in September 2021, with Jeon in the titular role. She then showcased her lighter side in the rom-com film Nothing Serious opposite Son Suk-ku, earning her third acting nomination at the Baeksang Arts Awards.

Born in Seoul and raised in Canada, Jeon Jong-seo went back to Korea to major in film, but quit midway to pursue a film career. While not much is known of her private life, it would seem that she is at ease with taking risky gambles, much like the unpredictable roles she chooses.

Jeon was cast as Tokyo in the Korean version of Money Heist.

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