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Gwenchanoona Says: Who's Your Favorite K-drama Classmate?

We watch k-dramas so often, we start to think of the characters as real people. We asked the GwenchaNoonas to reminisce about their school days and pick a k-drama classmate they would have wanted in real life.


Barrio Chaebol

PD Ji Sung-hyeon, played by the charming Lee Sang-yi, would’ve made a great classmate back in college. Not only is he the first one to actively approach you about a group project, but he hands out free sandwiches as well! Ji PD looks like he was quite the popular man on campus, but he was clearly no player despite his charm. As a gentleman, he made sure he was a good sunbae to Yoon Hye-jin (Shin Min-a) and a careful admirer. Let’s hope he gets the love he deserves—and excellent ratings for his idol camping show— in Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha.



In a cutthroat world of the fictional SKY Castle community, Hwang Woo-joo (played by Kang Chan-hee) is naturally intelligent and completely uncompetitive. He’s also kind and easily worried about others who don’t fit in. He’d be a good friend to have. Maybe he’d even let me borrow his notes and copy his homework every once in a while. Plus, if he invites me to his house, his parents are really nice and would be so easy to get along with.



I would definitely want to have someone like Itaewon Class’ Park Saeroyi (Park Seo-joon) as my classmate. Even though he doesn’t come from a privileged background and has a lot to lose by standing up to bullies, he is kind, righteous, and is unafraid to defend the weak. Plus, not going to lie—even with that chestnut hairdo, he’s pretty easy on the eyes.


Liam Yeon Kimin

Han Ji-pyeong (Kim Seon-ho) may have given me a massive case of second-lead syndrome in Start-Up, but if the question is who I’d want to have as a classmate? I’d go with the genius Nam Do-san (Nam Joo-hyuk) any day. The few flashbacks we saw of Nam Do-san and his friends during their college days quickly show why: He’s generous with letting classmates borrow his notes, he’s a fountain of knowledge, and he’s part of the knitting club—something I’ve always wanted to learn!



Lee Dong-hwi’s Dong Ryong in Reply 1988 would have been my favorite classmate. He would have taught me to bust some moves during the dreaded Christmas party presentations or suddenly burst into song (“I Just Called to Say I Love You” by Stevie Wonder comes to mind) during a dull study period. Our stressed-out senior class would have easily been lit up with his jokes and antics. Most importantly, I would have had the privilege of receiving sound, sincere advice about my parents (he advised Jung-hwan to simply pay attention and respond to his dad, making dad return to his energetic self) or my crush (he made Deok-sun realize whom she likes trumps who likes her). Of course, I can’t always be on the receiving end of the Ssangmundong sage’s friendship. I would cheer him up whenever he felt down for not seeing much of his working mom or for having a strict academician for a dad.


Seoul Surfer

Han Joon-Hwi (played by Kim Beom) from Law School might not immediately strike you as the ideal classmate, even if he is the smartest one in their batch. He’s aloof, reticent, and seemingly uninterested in anything other than his textbooks. Why would anyone want to be friends with a guy like that? But once he opens up, it becomes apparent that Joon-hwi is a team player who cares about his classmates. He also has a protective quality that is deeply rooted in his unshakeable sense of justice. So while he’s on a sure path to becoming a great lawyer, I’d like to be in his study group, being cared for with random gifts of snacks, learning from his genius mind, and staring at his handsome face, as he explained yesterday’s lesson to me for the umpteenth time.


Who is your favorite k-drama classmate?

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