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Choo Ja-hyun (추자현)

Updated: Oct 29, 2023

Choo Ja-hyun has chosen interesting roles in her career and has found some measure of success in her native South Korea, and overseas in Taiwan and China.

Photo from IMDB

Birthday: January 20, 1979

Instagram: choo.jahyun

Although Choo debuted in 1996 in The Adventures of Mrs. Park, she didn’t make waves until she starred in the noir film Bloody Tie ten years later in 2006. Her role won her awards in the Grand Bell Awards, Blue Dragon Awards, Korean Film Awards, and Director’s Cut Awards.

She didn’t shy away from controversial films and next starred in the erotic period film “Portrait of a Beauty” (2008), slasher film Missing (2009), and the short film The Famished (2010).

It wasn’t long until she made waves in other Asian countries. She starred in a Taiwanese drama Scent of Love in 2003. She was honest in saying that it was for want of work that led to her to branch out into China where she starred in Temptation of Going Home in 2010. It was also in China where she met her husband, Chinese actor and singer You Xiaoguang, with whom she has a young son.

She has appeared in several k-dramas including Misty (2008), Arthdal Chronicles (2019), Beautiful World (2019), My Unfamiliar Family (2020), Green Mother’s Club (2022) and Little Women (2023).

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