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Choi Jin-hyuk

Updated: Oct 1, 2023

At a towering 6'1" with an immensely fit physique, Choi Jin-hyuk is the very picture of dashing, old-world masculinity. Yet this Hallyu late-bloomer has always had an affecting softness to his eyes and a gentleness to his demeanor that allows him to play roles that are steely and sexy.

Photo from Han Cinema

Birthday: February 9, 1986

Instagram: real_jinhyuk

Born Kim Tae-ho, his career started in 2006 when he won the KBS talent show Survival Star Audition. After landing his first leading role opposite Moon Chae-young in the 2010 family drama It’s Okay, Daddy’s Girl, he gained even more attention in 2013 with his supporting roles in two popular dramas: the fantasy sageuk Gu Family Book and the blockbuster youth drama The Heirs. Choi has also recorded singles for some of his dramas' OSTs.

Choi has turned many heads by playing leading roles in several romance dramas. He was a brilliant prosecutor in 2014-15’s Pride and Prejudice (no relation to the famous novel) and an amnesiac in the aptly entitled Devilish Charm (2018).

He has worked non-stop since his military comeback drama, the 2017 crime sci-fi thriller Tunnel. The OCN series became so popular it was remade in Thailand and Indonesia.

He gave us serious second lead syndrome in You Are My Destiny (2014) and The Last Empress (2018-19).

But he’s equally at home in action dramas such Justice (2019) and Rugal (2020).

Then, he showed his range and took on a comedic role in Zombie Detective (2020).

Since his debut in 2006, Choi has been a staple in dramas and has earned himself a spot as one of everyone’s favorite K-drama actors, whose deep voice is as recognizable as his chiseled jaws.

Recently, he played an accountant in the MBC drama Numbers.

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