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Yang Se-jong (양세종)

Yang Se-jong stands out as one of South Korea's most promising and versatile young actors in an industry that seems to never run out of talented, good-looking men.

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Born on December 23, 1992, in Anyang, South Korea, Yang was initially drawn to fashion before fate led him to the doors of acting. Following his graduation from the Seoul Institute of the Arts, he launched his career with small but impactful roles that soon caught the attention of both audiences and critics alike.

Yang Se-jong's journey to stardom was as swift as it was deserved. His breakout performance came in the SBS drama "Dr. Romantic" (2016), where he played an arrogant young medical intern struggling to find his footing. Since then, it's been hit after hit. Fortunately, his efforts have not gone unnoticed in the industry, even earning a prestigious Baeksang Arts Award for Best New Actor in Television.

What sets Yang apart is his remarkable range. In "Duel" (2017), he took on dual roles, playing both the protagonist and his clone, showcasing his ability to convey distinct personalities. He then entered his “noona-killer” phase in “The Temperature of Love,” and then got buffed up to play a warrior in “My Country: The New Age” (2019).

Some of his more popular works include:

“Duel” (2017)

Yang Se-jong played dual roles in the thrilling K-drama "Duel." As Lee Sung-joon, he is a talented detective investigating a kidnapping. But in the course of his investigation, he discovers the existence of a Lee Yong-sub, who has a face similar to his. Yong-sub's existence is shrouded in secrecy, and he becomes a central antagonist in the series.

"30 But 17” (2018)

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Yang Se-jong plays the role of Gong Woo-jin, a reclusive whose life takes a strange turn when he encounters Woo Seo-ri (played by Shin Hye-sun), a woman who has been in a coma for 13 years. Because her life stopped when she was 17, she wakes up in a thirty-year-old body with the mind of a teenager. This event shakes up Woo-jin's carefully constructed world and sets the stage for their intertwined healing journey.

“The Temperature of Love” (2017)

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Yang Se-jong is On Jung-sun, a talented and passionate chef who runs his own restaurant. The show revolves around his romantic relationship with the older Lee Hyun-soo, played by Seo Hyun-jin. Their relationship faces challenges and complexities as they navigate various obstacles, including misunderstandings, jealousy, and the pressures of their chosen professions.

His performance in this drama won him three Best New Actor awards at the SBS Drama Awards, Baeksang Arts Awards, and the 6th APAN Star Awards.

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Yang Se-jong portrays Do In-bum, a talented and ambitious doctor who joins the team at Doldam Hospital. A skilled surgeon from a prestigious background, Do is as selfish and arrogant as they come. Still, under the tutelage of Kim Sa-bu (Han Suk-kyu), he learns valuable lessons about empathy, teamwork, and the true meaning of being a doctor.

“My Country: The New Age” (2019)

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Yang Se-jong is Seo Hwi, a skilled warrior from a humble background. He is the son of a former famous general who has fallen from grace. His life is marked by hardship and tragedy due to his family's past and the turbulent times in which the story is set.

But despite his circumstances, he remains loyal to his close friend Nam Seon-ho (Woo Do-hwan), who is from a noble family. But as the Goryeo Dynasty transitions into the Joseon Dynasty, the political intrigue and power struggles test their friendship, as well as Seo Hwi’s loyalty and principles.


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In the Netflix series, Yang Se-jong plays Lee Won-jun, a college freshman who suddenly discovers he lives near the famous ex-idol Lee Doo-Na (Bae Suzy). He finds himself being drawn to her but learns that she has stepped back from her career in pursuit of solitude. Could a friendship or a romance ever be in the cards for two people who live entirely different lives and want very different things?

The series is adapted from the popular Korean webtoon, "The Girl Downstairs" by Min Song-ah.

In a short span, Yang Se-jong has amassed an impressive body of work that speaks volumes about his acting capabilities. As he continues to explore new characters and genres, it’s clear that Yang Se-jong is an actor whose career deserves to be watched closely.

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