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Solomon Park/Lomon (박솔로몬)

It's hard to believe that with his wholesome charm and youthful energy, Solomon Park (aka Lomon) is actually NOT a high school student. The Uzbek-born actor is (gasp!) already 22 years old, and told NME that they had to "make a lot of improvisations that measure up to today's Korean high schoolers" in the Netflix blockbuster zombiefest, "All of Us are Dead."

The rookie actor has had quite a colorful early life before debuting in 2014's "Bride of the Century." Named after the famous Biblical king, Lomon explains that his father wanted him to "live wisely" like his namesake. His family lived in Russia before moving to the illustrious Gangnam neighborhood, where he would finish high school in the affluent Apgujeong High School.

He made a name for himself when he landed the lead role in 2017's "Sweet Revenge." He also scored an acting nomination for his work in "The Guardians" in the same year. Two years hence and many, many hours of learning Mandarin, Lomon then starred in the Chinese drama "Lookism."

But it was when he landed the lead role in the Netflix series "All of Us are Dead" in 2022 that made him an international star. In less than a week, his Instagram followers increased by over 2 million. His next project is a thriller with DisneyPlus, "Revenge of Others."

Like any young actor, Lomon still dreams of being close friends with the rapper Drake and hopes to earn a follow from k-cinema legend Lee Byung-hun. Till then, we hope he'll be gracing our small screens for many years to come.

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