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Seohyun (서현) / Seo Ju-hyun (서주현)

From the 16-year-old baby-faced maknae (youngest) when k-pop girl group Girls' Generation debuted in 2007, to the lead actress of the 2022 sexy BSDM-themed rom-com Love and Leashes, Seohyun has grown into a mature young lady before the public’s eye.

Photo from HanCinema

Birthday: June 28, 1991

Instagram: @seojuhyun_s

But that transformation is no surprise, as Seohyun has demonstrated her diversity over the years. She has ventured into trot music, with her duet with veteran singer Joo Hyun-mi, "JjaLaJaJJa”, even earning a Trot Music of the Year nomination from the 2009 Mnet Asian Music Awards. She has done voice acting for the Korean-dubbed version of Despicable Me and its sequel. And she has made her mark in the musical theater scene, with roles such as Scarlett O’Hara in a musical based on Gone with the Wind and the lead in the local version of Mamma Mia.

On screen, she was quick to make an impression with her first significant role in Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo (2016), which earned her a special acting award from SBS. After signing on with an acting agency in 2017, she has taken on one challenging lead role after another, including as a lesbian in Hello Dracula (2020) and a swindler in Private Lives (2020). She also starred in the fantasy romance series Jinxed at First (2022) as a woman who can see the future of any person she touches and a mysterious government official in the historical action melodrama Song of the Bandits (2023).

With acting, she says she can express her feelings more honestly, and she has since learned to listen to herself more and confront complex emotions.

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