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Rowoon (born Kim Seok-woo) belongs to the pantheon of young idols-turned-actors: a lead vocalist of SF9 and an actor steadily making his way up the ranks.

Birthday: August 7, 1996 Instagram: ewsbdi

Rowoon was once compared to the statue of David and, based on how the reveal of his face was built up in Extraordinary You (where it took them two whole episodes and a slow-mo to reveal his chiseled facial structure), the comparison truly has merit. With an intimidating build at 6’3” (190.5 cm) and a deep voice, he is able to exude a mature masculinity that few men his age can muster.

It would be tempting to stereotype him as someone who got drama roles simply because he’s an idol. Set aside your prejudice for even a few scenes and you’ll experience a world of emotions he can convey with a mere glance. His breakout lead role as Haru in Extraordinary You, an extra in a comic book, had to be played with very minimal lines and yet one can still feel the intensity of his turmoil and yearning. Best believe, no one pines like Rowoon’s Haru. His duality is even more impressive when you watch him behind the scenes, where he is a playful goof who loves to tease his castmates and bandmates.

In the world of oppas, he is that mischievous maknae (youngest child) who gets away with anything the moment he smiles. The most junior in this list, he may not yet have the deep portfolio of the others, but his charisma and talent ensures that he’ll be on more lists pretty soon.

After taking on the "noona killer" role in the JTBC drama Sunbae Don’t Put On That Lipstick / She Would Never Know, he further increased his celebrity status as the genteel and learned scholar who falls for the "king" played by Park Eun-bin in the gender-bending hit, The King's Affection.

In 2022, he starred alongside Kim Hee-sun and Lee Soo-hyuk in the fantasy series Tomorrow, about grim reapers who work to prevent suicides.

Not one to take long breaks, this busy idol-actor's latest drama, the fantasy romance Destined with You opposite Jo Bo-ah, is coming out on JTBC and Netflix on August 23.

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