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New k-dramas to watch in Oct 2022

Updated: Oct 6, 2022

This month, k-dramaland will take us to places beyond our physical reach through shows that feature alien-hunters, the last wishes of the departed, and a mysterious place to meet a late loved one. But it’s not all fantasy and mystery, as we‘ll get our usual fare of rom-com, sageuk (historical) and makjang (revenge) shows.

Oct. 3: Cheer Up

A campus k-drama about a college cheering squad sounds like the recipe for a fun, light rom-com. But this new 16-episode SBS series will add a bit of mystery to the mix, as the members of Theia try to regain the squad’s former glory.

Starring Han Ji-hyun (The Penthouse), Bae In-hyuk (Why Her?), Kim Hyun-jin, Jang Gyu-ri, and Yang Dong-geun, the show’s cast members practiced for months, learning from real-life cheer squad members.

Where to watch: Viu, Mondays and Tuesdays

Oct. 5: Bad Prosecutor

EXO’s D.O (Do Kyung-Soo, 100 Days My Prince) is making his k-drama comeback as the star of this 12-episode legal comedy from KBS.

He stars as the unruly and unusual prosecutor Jin Jung, who is out to punish the corrupt and take down all the villains using whatever means necessary.

Where to watch: Viki, Wednesdays and Thursdays

Oct. 5: Love Is for Suckers/Icy Cold Romance

Lee Da-hee (Search: WWW), Choi Si-won (Work Later, Drink Now), and Song Jong-ho (Arthdal Chronicles) will form a love triangle in this 16-episode rom-com from ENA.

Struggling variety show PD Gu Yeo-reum (Lee Da-hee) and her long-time friend Park Jae-hun (Choi Si-won), a plastic surgeon currently in a slump, will make a play for the friends-to-lovers trope while working together in a reality show. But her ex-boyfriend Kim In-woo suddenly shows up to confuse things. Of course, we’ll be rooting for the best friend over the ex, right?

Oct. 7: Glitch

Do you believe in aliens? Heo Bo-ra (Nana, Oh! Master) and the other members of her UFO club certainly do, but Hong Ji-hyo (Jeon Yeo-bin, Vincenzo) appears to be the one who can see them.

They will team up in this 10-episode alien comedy thriller to track down Heo Bo-ra’s boyfriend, who mysteriously disappeared with an unidentified light, but will apparently find a bigger mystery. 👽

Where to watch: Netflix

Oct. 10: Vengeance Of The Bride

Do you have the stamina needed for a 100-episode makjang (revenge drama?) If so, then this is for you.

KBS’ latest melodrama will take us through one woman’s thirst for revenge against the man responsible for her parents’ tragedy, Kang Baek-san (Son Chang-min). To do so, Eun Seo-yeon (Park Ha-na) plots to marry that man’s son, Kang Tae-poong (Kang Ji-sub).

Oct. 14: Yonder

If you receive a message from your dead spouse inviting you to meet him or her for the last time in a mysterious place called “yonder”, what would you do?

In this 6-episode sci-fi series set in the year 2032, Jae-hyun (Shin Ha-Kyun, Beyond Evil) is a reporter struggling to move past the death of his wife Yi-Hu (Han Ji-Min, Our Blues) from cancer. Expect a powerful, moving performance from these two powerhouse actors!

Oct. 15: The Queen’s Umbrella

After a stellar performance as a justice of the court, Kim Hye-soo (Juvenile Justice) returns in what looks to be a hilarious sageuk! She portrays Queen Hwaryeong, wife to a great king and mother to five troublemaking princes.

In front of the public, she’s a graceful and dignified queen. But with her sons, all protocols are thrown out the window as she struggles to educate them and turn them into proper princes. This 16-episode series from tVN features several up-and-coming young actors as princes.

Where to watch: Netflix, Saturdays and Sundays

Oct. 19: One Hundred Won Butler

Baek Dong-ju (Hyeri, Reply 1988) is a funeral director cursed with a special ability: She can see and talk to dead people, who ask her to grant them their last wishes. Until the wish is fulfilled, her day is filled with bad luck.

Luckily, she will meet Butler Kim (Lee Jun-young, Love and Leashes), who runs daily errands for at least 100 won. Together, they will work on a project transcending life and death in this 16-episode fantasy drama from MBC.

Oct. 21: 20th Century Girl

Kim Yoo-jung (Love in the Moonlight) looks like she’s in her element portraying the joys and pains of first love in this Netflix original film.

As Na Bo-ra in the 21st century, she’ll come across a videotape from 1999, reminding her of her 20th-century self – when friendship came before love, and she played cupid for her best friend.

Where to watch: Netflix

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