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King the Land surges to double-digit ratings, enters Top 25 cable k-dramas of all time

Updated: Jul 5, 2023

After airing only six out of sixteen episodes, King the Land has already surged past the double-digit mark with its 12.0% rating on Sunday night, making it the ninth highest-rated JTBC drama and 25th highest rated cable drama of all time.

Starring second-generation K-pop idol-actors Lee Jun-ho/Junho of 2PM (The Red Sleeve) and Im Yoon-ah/Yoona of Girls' Generation, the rom-com has been winning over viewers with its classic k-drama story, reminiscent of many fan favorites from the 2010s.

Junho plays chaebol heir Gu Won, the general manager of the luxurious King Hotel who is locked in an inheritance battle with his half-sister while investigating the disappearance of his mother. Yoona plays Cheon Sa-rang, an employee at the King Hotel who, despite having only graduated from a two-year college, keeps rising through the ranks thanks to her hard work and bright personality, and catches Gu Won's eye.

King the Land's leads also swept the top two spots of Good Data's Buzzworthy actor rankings of the most talked-about television series for the past week, while the drama itself ranked first among currently airing k-dramas.

Furthermore, Lee Jun-ho has achieved an "all-kill" by topping the Korean Business Research Institute's brand reputation rankings for drama actors for July 2023, and King the Land is now the most watched non-English TV series on Netflix.

Congratulations to the cast and crew!


Curious what all the fuss over King the Land is about? Watch the official trailer below to help you decide whether to jump on the bandwagon:

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