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What are you watching this Holy Week, GwenchaNoonas?

As we head into the long weekend, the GwenchaNoonas share what's on each of our watchlists. As we have varied tastes, it's a mixed bag ranging from light romance to heavy historical dramas, with such themes as cosmic atonement, time travel, redemption, and justice.



The Crowned Clown (2019)

A poor boy with a pure heart becomes king, goes up against corrupt and hypocritical leaders, and institutes reforms to help the poor. With a story like this, I figure Holy Week is the best time to finally get around to finishing The Crowned Clown, a Joseon-era sageuk (historical drama) that I started months ago but put on hold because it was so stressful! This cinematic drama stars Yeo Jin-goo in dual roles as the mad king and the poor traveling circus performer who takes his place, Lee Se-young as the kind queen, and Kim Sang-kyung as the wise royal secretary.



Soul Mechanic (2020)

I've recently been watching Beyond Evil and I have to say... I'm super impressed by Shin Ha-kyun! So, I want to check more of his dramas out. Soul Mechanic is a 16-hour long mini-drama that follows Lee Shi-joon (Lee Ha-kyun), an eccentric psychiatrist who believes that doctors should not just treat patients but also heal their souls. Bonus points that the female lead is Jung So-min! I'm hoping for a light-hearted series with meaningful realizations and lessons. *fingers crossed*



Scripting Your Destiny (2020)

I’m in the mood for watching a light romantic comedy with cosmic undertones. Scripting Your Destiny is a short (only 10 episodes at 25 minutes each) fantasy web series about a god who is in charge of human fate and decides to steal ideas from an as yet unwritten screenplay by a writer who has a penchant for overly dramatic romances.


Liam Yeon Kimin

Angel’s Last Mission: Love (2019)

I want to see more of Shin Hae-sun after her amazing performance in Mr. Queen, so this 2019 series about a guardian angel sent to help an orphaned ballerina—who starts out cruel and bitter after losing her eyesight—find true love seems the perfect series to binge for Holy Week.



Life on Mars (2018)

I'll be re-watching one of my favorites of all time, Life on Mars. It's about a detective in 2018 who falls into a coma that propels his consciousness to back to... 1988! Jung Kyung-ho (our stoic doctor from Hospital Playlist) is adorable as the confused detective trying his best to survive the analogue life of '80s Busan.

Life on Mars is a remake from the BBC show of the same name, and is so entertaining and well-made that even the BBC tweeted its admiration for the Korean version. It's is pretty much one of the most fun, nostalgic, and unconventional crime dramas I've ever come across, and definitely a great comfort watch (or re-watch) for these times.



Penthouse 2 (2021)

Deprived of poetic justice in the first season, this time, I wish for an ending that metes out punishment to a teenage girl’s murderer(s). The k-drama introduces new romantic pairings and other fleeting partnerships at Hera Palace, against a backdrop of deceit, theft, and greed. The finale airs on Good Friday, April 2, competing against former Holy Week favorite entertainment The Ten Commandments (1956).


What k-dramas are you looking forward to binging this long weekend?

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