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Choi Si-won / Siwon (최시원)

It’s not every day that an idol can transition smoothly into acting. Choi Si-won (known more commonly as Siwon) is one of the lucky few whose fanbase in both music and k-drama industries just makes him even more popular.

GwenchaNoona | Actor's Profile: Choi Si-won

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Birthday: April 7, 1986

Instagram: siwonchoi

Born of a wealthy family, Siwon was scouted while he was hanging outside his high school waiting for his friends. He auditioned in secret, knowing his parents would be against his career choice. His hard work paid off and he debuted in idol group Super Junior in 2005.

He crossed over into acting and appeared in several dramas in minor roles in Eighteen, Twenty-Nine (2005) and Spring Waltz (2006). By 2007, he was already taking on a lead role in Legend of Hyang-dan. He followed this up with Stage of Youth (2009), Oh! My Lady (2010), and Poseidon (2010)

Continuing to perform as a member of Super Junior, Siwon is comfortable on stage and on screen. His most recent dramas include Revolutionary Love (2017), My Fellow Citizens (2019), and both seasons of Work Later, Drink Now (2021 and 2022).

In 2022's, Love Is for Suckers, he plays a doctor in unrequited love with his best friend played by Lee Da-hee.

Singer, actor, philanthropist and UNICEF representative, Siwon has a reputation of being an all-around good guy who is not ashamed of his Christian faith. He has often said that once retired from show business, he would love to be a missionary.

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