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Bae Suzy 배수지

One of the highest paid commercial endorsers in Korea, Bae Suzy can rightly be described as the face that launched a thousand brands. It’s not just her face though, that earned her the moniker “The Nation’s First Love.”

Photo from Longines/Soop

Birthday: October 10, 2022

Instagram: 배수지/Baesuzy (@baesuzyoficiall)

She is well admired for her work in music, hosting, films, and dramas. She debuted in "Dream High" (2011) along with Kim Soo-hyun and other k-pop idols.

Since then, the multi-talented and multi-awarded performer has starred in several drama series such as "Uncontrollably Fond" (2016), "While You Were Sleeping" (2017), "Vagabond" (2019) and most recently "Start-Up" (2020), where she plays a scrappy down-on-her luck employee with big dreams. Ultimately, her fortune turns around when opportunity meets her hard work and she makes it big.

In real life, at only twenty-six years old, Suzy has certainly made it big and reached the heights of fame that many of her peers can only dream of. But that’s only because this indefatigable girl-group member turned actress has been hustling in the entertainment industry since she was 15! While Suzy’s ship has certainly come in for her, there is still an ocean of opportunities in store for this young and talented artist.

She most recently starred in Anna (2022) where she received rave reviews for her performance.

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