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Occasionally, this indecisiveness is extremely obvious. A player will call for $10, be told that someone has already raised, and put in another $10. He believed his hand was not worth raising, and the opponent’s raise indicates that his hand is relatively weaker, but he has doubled his bet. Anyone who plays like that—and many people do—will certainly lose

It takes discipline to be selectively aggressive. You came to play, not to sit, but you have to throw away hand after hand. Then, when the right opportunity comes along, you must suppress your fears and merciful instincts and attack ferociously.

The tight-aggressive style is not at all natural:

Tightness and related qualities such as caution and control are not normally combined with aggressiveness. In fact, you will hardly ever see that combination outside of highly specialized occupations such as fighter pilots and police officers.

Because it is so unnatural, the tight-aggressive playing style rarely occurs without lots of work….To become a tight-aggressive player takes the right personality, lots of study, and extreme discipline.


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