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Kim Seul-gi (김슬기)

The spritely young actress is best remembered by this fan as the rather horny virgin ghost who “Oh My Ghost” and as a mathematically-challenged student who slips back into the Joseon era in the hilarious “Splish Splash Love.”

As someone who wanted to be a professional actress from a very young age, Kim attended the Seoul Institute of the Arts, which led to her joining the live comic variety show “Saturday Night Live Korea.” This exposure, plus her incredible comedic timing and a great capacity to play well with other main characters in a scene (she’s been awarded for her work in the said variety comic show), put her on the path to k-drama stardom. It also didn’t hurt that her training allowed her to mine her talent when it came to heavy and dramatic scenes.

The Busan-born talent was awarded the Best New Actress award for her role in 2014’s “Discovery of Love” and since then, she’s been in over twenty-five dramas, most notably in “Find Me in Your Memory” (where she won Best Actress at the 2020 MBC Drama Awards) and “Love With Flaws.”

She’s also starred in over ten movies, most recently in “Nothing Serious” and in “Jesters: The Game Changers.” She’s also starred in musicals such as “Tomorrow Morning” and “Goong: The Musical,” as well as in theatrical plays. With someone as prolific and as hardworking as her, it also comes as no surprise that she’s released songs with Jay Park (“Rude Girl”) and Go Kyung-pyo (“I Woke Up Because of You”).

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